3 Best HGH Supplements for Women to Use Safely

3 Best HGH Supplements for Women to Use Safely

Women are particularly very sensitive to information that touches on any aspect of their lives. They will look up anything and everything just to get their hands on the most useful information to meet what they currently need.

One subject that has always been in the mind of most women is how to improve their picturesque, eliminate excess body fat, build some lean muscle and become fit. Previously, you had to go through a lot of extreme workouts and dieting just to maintain an admirable physique.

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However, a revolutionary supplement – recombinant human growth hormone – was introduced into the market to accelerate this process. Hitherto, growth hormone supplementation has been a sure remedy for all that pertains to daily workouts at the gym.

📌Growth hormone as we know it is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland. Its production is majorly regulated by a certain hormone called growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) which is produced in the hypothalamus.

At the tissue level, a majority of growth hormone activities are mediated by another hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) which is reduced by the liver. Just as its name suggests, growth hormone majorly mediates growth of tissue through various metabolic processes.

Since it is easy and cheaper to produce secretagogues and analogues of growth hormone releasing hormone, what is available on most shelves and online stores are majorly growth hormone releaser supplements

Here are some of the best growth hormone supplements for women:

HGH for WomenCheck PriceBenefitsPrice
Safe and its use is legalized.
You don’t need injections or prescriptions to use this supplement.
Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH
It is capable of boosting HGH release by up to 500%.
Prime HGH is beneficial for developing lean muscles.
HGH-X2 by CrazyBulk

It boosts your energy
It enhances your muscle tone.

3 Best HGH Supplements for Women

HGH supplements for women

Until recently, women shied off from using growth hormone supplements for whatever reason other than the medical indications of it, just because of the notion that growth hormone supplementation was a masculine thing.

Studies have now proven that growth hormone supplements work equally better for women. HGH supplements for women are essentially natural products which boost the in vivo production of the natural HGH.

These supplements come in various formulations, including pills, patches, sprays, drops, creams, and lotions. The choice of a supplement depends on which route of administration works best for you, as well as what enables you to achieve maximum results.

The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of these supplements are very impressive. They are made using a variety of ingredients which ensure that they provide a holistic therapy irrespective of the reason for their use.

Here are the top 3 HGH supplements for women:

Legal HGH Supplements for Women: GenFX HGH for Women

GenFX is a high performance and powerful HGH supplement for women. It works best for women because it is majorly indicated for fat loss. It is a very efficient fat burning HGH supplement which also helps you retain lean muscles.

It is a favorite among those who want to improve their cardiovascular health and enhance the oxygen transportation to the various tissues of the body. It is this boost of oxygen flow to the tissues that make GenFX a potent supplement for improving perseverance during exercise.

Here are the reasons why you should consider using GenFX HGH supplement for women:

Women usually invest their money to take care of their body in many ways. In return, to look and feel good. Does it sound fair? As you reach middle age, when GH levels slows down, it’s where you start searching for better organic supplements to care for health in general. Some women have a hard time findimng the best hgh product.

But, did you know that nature has the solution for most of health problems? So, to say that GenFX is all natural, means it includes nothing but 100% natural ingredients. It’s no wonder, your body can have many positive anti-aging benefits as soon as you go on an all natural diet. This is how GenFX help your body gets replenished with growth hormones.

Consider these GenFX benefits:

Your vitality levels gets restored, so you can expect improvements in your sex drive and performance. There’s likewise a noticeable increase in your lean muscle mass while decreasing your body fat. Your growth hormone levels boost in a natural way. You’ll definitely see an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

You’ll have bones that are stronger, which every older woman strongly appreciates because it keeps them safe from the injuries. The skin elasticity improves likewise. You would be able to deal with obvious aging signs efficiently. There will be fewer age spots, wrinkles, and lines on your skin. You’ll have better mood overall, as improves and increases your energy levels, while it help enhance your immune system.

GenFX is a cost effective HGH booster for women, plain and simple. With lower productions of human growth hormone, forget about youth, strong bones, lean muscles, mental sharpness, and sex life. As women get old, this essential hormone slowly becomes a rarity in the body. As time passes, you’ve notice that you’ve lost your enthusiasm, energy, and physical flexibility. So, how do you go about it?

Women definitely appreciate some help. GenFX HGH is a highly recommended product when it comes to growth hormone.


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  • GenFX HGH is safe and its use is legalized
  • It is a powerful fat burning supplement which can greatly help in building you physique
  • It increases your muscle to fat ratio making you more ripped and attractive
  • You don’t need injections or prescriptions to use this supplement
  • It improves your performance, enhance your stamina and boosts your perseverance
  • You may have to wait for as long as 30 days to notice any significant results

Legal HGH Supplements for Women: Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH

Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH

Prime HGH pills are effective HGH releasers which are very effective for women. It is new generation growth hormone enhancing product which has very high concentration of active ingredients.

What makes it convenient for use is that it is very cost effective. It comes as a natural blend of herbal products which are formulated to provide holistic therapy, it effectively stimulates the production of growth hormone during sleep and also during workouts.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Prime HGH pills:

  • It is capable of boosting HGH release by up to 500%
  • Its antiaging effects ensures that it unleashes a full youthful physique in you
  • It can prolong your perseverance and increase your exercise duration and force
  • Prime HGH is beneficial for developing lean muscles
  • It helps in losing excess body fat
  • It also improves your mental functioning
  • The effects of prime HGH pill on the bones ensure that you constantly remain stronger.
  • The results when using Prime HGH pills is not instantaneous. You may have to use this product for quite some time before you realize any significant benefits
  • An overdose of the pills may lead to serious health complications

Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH

Legal HGH Supplements for Women: HGH-X2 by CrazyBulk

HGH-X2 by CrazyBulk

HGH-X2 is among the best human growth hormone supplements for women. It outperforms most of the HGH supplements and is useful for both men and women. It is meant to be used for gaining lean muscles, burning body fats, rapid recovery and enhancing your perseverance during exercise.

HGH-X2 is a secretagogue which boosts the synthesis and release of growth hormone. It is also beneficial because it has no serious adverse effects. Here are some of the reasons why this could be a good choice for you:

  • It boosts your energy
  • It enhances your muscle tone
  • Using it gives you a chance to build strong muscles
  • HGH-X2 also improves recovery time in case you experience some muscle injury.
  • Using this supplements rapidly improves fat loss
  • There are no serious side effects for using this supplement.
  • It is an aid for workouts because it improves your resilience and duration of perseverance.
  • It is costly
  • You will have to use this product for at least a month to get the most out of it.

Despite the high cost of this product, the results achieved after using it are worth the amount you pay to get it.

HGH Dosage for Women

Did you know that there are certain specifications for women who are using human growth hormone supplements?

Because let’s face it: women naturally produce more growth hormone that men. As a result, the dosages that are taken by women are slightly incomparable to what is usually indicated for men. Left unchecked, women can potentially develop certain endocrine disorders if the amount of growth hormone in their system become overwhelming.

It is human nature to desire attractive looks. For women, this desire has made HGH for women a very big business. Currently, HGH for women becomes a key ingredient for beauty. And the antecedence is not set to change anytime soon.

But then, what is the right dosages to take? What is the right way to take HGH supplements for women? Being wary about the quantities will prevent you from experiencing any unprecedented side effects that can ultimately harm your health.

Ideally, HGH dosages for women should not exceed 10 IU per day.  To avoid any complications from arising acutely, you may need to introduce dosages slowly by starting with small amounts and increasing the dosages over time.

📌Here is a simple breakdown on how the dosing intervals can work for women:

Week 1 to 4 – use about 2 IU of HGH supplement
Week 5 – advance to 2.5 IU
Week 6 – add an extra 0.5 IU to the previous dosage and start using 3 IU
Week 7 – maintain a dosage of between 3.5 to 4 IU.

You may increase the dosage beyond 4 IU but this is the standard recommended dosage which will help you achieve maximum results while keeping you free from the risk of adverse effects.

Lower doses are usually not effective because the body rapidly acclimatizes to the supplement thus inhibiting it from producing maximum effects. On the other hand, large dosages taken after wide intervals will help in achieving results quickly.

Dosages that exceed the required amount can lead to conditions such as acromegaly where bones abnormally grow in the face, hands and legs. Very high doses may also interfere with the normal regulatory mechanisms of metabolism leading to several metabolic disorders. 

HGH for Women Before and After

HGH for Women Before and AfterThe result of HGH for women is not a constant value because people are very different from one another. It basically depends largely on the body chemistry of the individual. Some women have reported seeing results just two weeks after onset of therapy while other may wait for as long as 4 weeks to notice any result.

Irrespective of how long takes, you should not give up or get frustrated by the whole process. You can alter the state of your body within a blink of an eye. Good things take time before they yield desirable results.The dosage you take also determines how sooner or how quickly you achieve results. Nevertheless, patience is always the key towards reaping from your efforts when it is all done.

Here is a month by month progress on what to expect when using HGH for women:

The first month

The initial benefits of HGH therapy start getting manifest around this period. Early signs of good prognosis such as increased energy, enhanced concentration, increased perseverance, better strength and stamina, and better tolerance to mood swings are always the initial manifestations.

The second month

Most of the results from the first month are still manifested in the second month.at this time, the effects of HGH on the cells of the body is already systemic. The hormone supplement rapidly improves cell regeneration leading to strengthened muscle, and good vision. Aft loss also starts manifesting during this period.

The third month

By the third month, the effects of growth hormone supplementation are now being felt in the bones and the hairs. As your bones become less porous, a lot of minerals such as calcium are deposited in the bones and the end result is a very strong individual.

The fourth month

By four months, the effects of HGH on your system should be very visible. Some of the results to notice during this period are: improved mood, boosted energy, increased benefits to the skin and hair, and also an admirable improvement of stamina.

The fifth month

This is the time when you can actually tell that there is a significant difference between HGH for women before and after. After this month, you shall have acclimatized to your looks and you may fail to notice any more changes brought by HGH supplements.

Sixth months

Therapy is usually stopped by the sixth month after initiating therapy. At this moment, you may be enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Growth hormone supplements for women actually primes the metabolic functions of the body, making you feel very lucky and accomplished.

Human Growth Hormone Female Side Effects

HGH Female Side EffectsThere are several side effects associated with taking HGH for women. Some of these growth hormone female side effects include:

  • Potential to encourage the growth of cancerous tissue
  • Numbness and tingling of the skin
  • Increased risk of diabetes and certain cardiovascular diseases
  • Fluid retention which is called edema
  • Pain in the joints, nerves, and muscle

Can Women Use HGH

The simplest answer to this question is yes.

📌In the body, no hormone exists on its own. In one way or another, they are influenced by other hormones. Growth hormone characteristically has some effects on female sex hormones. Besides, just the fact that HGH has the prefix “Human” within its naming, it means that this hormone is produced by both men and women.

Women can certainly use HGH supplements because this is how it will help the:

  • HGH increases the process of cell regeneration. This process qualifies the benefits of HGH on longevity. When HGH is combined simultaneously with proper diet, exercise and enough sleep, you can significantly reduce your symptoms of aging.
  • HGH potentially primes the immune system to produce more antibodies and other cytotoxic cells. The overall effect is reduced numbers of illnesses.
  • HGH can reverse the premenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Among the benefits that you can obtain from HGH at this age are: improved mood, managing irregular periods, alleviating sleep disturbances and preventing fluid retention.
  • Women also want to appear lean and lose excess body fat. HGH supplements which are available for both men and women can be used to achieve these benefits.

Is HGH safe for women

Is HGH safe for women

HGH supplementation is an integral part of the modern woman who is more concerned about her aesthetic value. Since the HGH market has enlarged, there are several counterfeit products available in the market.

The safety of HGH supplementation are solely dependent on where and when you bought your supplement. Always ensure that you buy your supplement from trusted dealers.

HGH supplements are very safe to use and with limited to no side effects. If you notice any unusual thing coming up after you start HGH supplementation, ensure that you talk to a professional such as your doctor to help you decide on the right course of action to take.


📌HGH is very effective for women. There are several other supplements available which can guarantee you far much better results. It is usually difficult to know which supplement is genuine and not just a mere counterfeit. If you are a first time person in this venture, consult widely and ensure you only buy from trusted dealers so that you may not subject yourself to unnecessary disappointments. Always talk to your doctor before you consider taking any hormone supplements such as HGH for women.


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