HGH Side Effects – Risks, Dangers In Using Growth Hormones (Is It Safe?)

These days, you’ll hear a lot about HGH or human growth hormone on how it might be helpful in several health or age-related issues.

However, one of the most asked queries is the HGH side effects, on whether or not you should be concerned about any adverse reactions.

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There have been a number of studies conducted about HGH relating to the use of HGH in treating growth insufficiency conditions. It was discovered that there were indeed risks of HGH, but it not normally associated with serious side effects

I’ll show you some of the known troubles of hormone replacement, along with the discussion of other related hgh problems.


What Are The Side Effects in HGH?

There are various dangers that come from hGH use. These unwanted effects are possible, with every illicit use of hGH, since it such products aren’t fully known and regulated.

Though, it was discovered that negative reactions may have an effect on older men and women, more than young people, with long-term negative effects still unsubstantiated.

These unwanted effects occur with many factors such as abuse, overdose, the health of a person, excessive HGH amounts, allergic reactions or unregulated HGH. Mitigating conditions often lead to the abnormal production of IGF-1 levels, which are the culprit to reactions, diseases or discomforts.

1. Water Retention

Once you begin to use HGH, your system will start to retain water on the first few days. You’ll observe this, especially in your finger, toes, and face. While it may feel distressing, it’s the 1st sign that this HGH is actually doing work. There are a few main characteristics that help with regulating the quantity of water that is in your body: vasopressin, ANP (atrial natriuretic peptide) and salt ions.

📌Once you take HGH, the balance of the three compounds teeters in your body, hence, vasopressin starts to retain water. Human Growth Hormone might cause water retention which can lead to a puffed up physique as well as a puffy deal with. Water can be frequent during the initial phases of use, especially around the hand and legs. Most users will, nevertheless, find the water subsides after weeks of use. Increased doses can cause greater normal water retention. Some individuals also state moderate pain.

The changes in your system occur due to the HGH shots that may cause your body to start maintain fluids. It may cause a distressing and crippling swelling of your limbs and can lead to lesions and wounds.

2. Edema

Edema is one of the most known HGH side effects. It is a tissue irritation caused by water retention. Nearly 50% of individuals in a trial experienced some level of edema. It should be mentioned that the appearance of edema is apparently dose-dependent. Greater doses trigger more water retention. As a result, edema can be partially reduced, with more conservative replacement amounts distributed more equally throughout a full week. Others also feel numbness of the skin, though rare.

3. Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

HGH brings prolactin, the hormone behind breast enlargement in females. Due to a rise in breast muscle, it’s one of the more uncommon HGH side effects at least for men. However, it’s probably that unattractive for a guy. Gynecomastia occurs in roughly 5% of users.

📌There are two main reasons why a man might have gynecomastia. The first explanation is a condition called gynecomastia or masculine breast enlargement. It could result from a hormone imbalance within the body where there are increased degrees of estrogen and decreased degrees of testosterone.

The pituitary gland is the grasp gland from the body excreting growth hormone and also sex chemicals. Men create increased amounts of estrogen and prolactin in comparison to testosterone and also as a result, gynecomastia can occur.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Human growth hormone could result in carpal tunnel syndrome which then causes weakness, pins and needles sensation, or irritation in your hands. This HGH side effect is due to the increased size of your arm muscle. Carpal tunnel issue is often felt in the preliminary use of HGH.

Most commonly associated with higher level amounts, such amounts have also been demonstrated to promote thyroid issues, not as frequent but it can happen due to efficiency doses most often. The use of Liothyronine Salt will remedy this matter if needed.

Normally caused by the compression of your median neural in your arm. The median nerve sets apart into a number of nerves which go down on your hands and fingers. When it is compressed, then you certainly have the feeling of numbness or pain. The stress on the median nerve brings a tingling sensation at hand.

Though with HGH, this is connected to water maintenance, so if you are feeling an ache in your wrists, drink far more water and take nutritional B6 plus a multivitamin.

5. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Quite a few users experience a high blood pressure due to the water and sodium preservation caused by HGH. Should you have a background of high blood pressure levels, taking HGH can put you in a higher risk of other severe health problem. It’s advised that you avoid growth hormone if you have hypertension.

Increasing human growth hormone in an older body to more healthy levels has been shown to reinforce the heart and assistance to stabilize the blood pressure.

Dr. B.A. Bengtsson, in the study he carried out on 333 people at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden, found out that growth hormone deficient individuals had twice the danger of mortality from heart disease than their age group.

He found that deficient people tended to have high amounts of the bad LDL and lower levels of HDL bad cholesterol, high triglyceride concentration, higher fibrinogen, substantial plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, and also increased body fat, especially belly fat, with improved insulin opposition.

Bengtsson also discovered that the growth hormone lacking patients tended to have elevated peripheral vascular hypertension, a cause of concern for high blood pressure.

6. Muscular Skeletal Discomfort

Most users of HGH pills complain about an ache in the muscle tissue and joints in the initial few minutes of waking up from HgH use. This discomfort may lead to irritability. Pain is the wrists, thighs, legs, hips, knee joints, and feet is also common.

Musculoskeletal soreness can severely reduce your movements, with muscle or joint pain and aches or stiffness. This side effect may possibly occur throughout treatment and resolve right after discontinuing the use of HGH.

7. Skin Reaction on Needle Area

You can get inflammation or damage through the area which you inject HGH in. Those who are supplementing with higher level amounts will be on the greatest danger. It is also probable, although not really common, for your injected spot to become agitated. Itching with the puncture site, with small humps as a possible reaction, you may need to know of the ideal needle area to see the one that works for you.

8. Weakened Glucose Tolerance

Perhaps the most concerning of HGH side effects is impaired blood sugar tolerance. This impaired blood sugar tolerance provides the potential to turn into outright all forms of diabetes. Reasonably, few scientific studies report on glucose tolerance. Therefore, present evidence is inadequate to create a consensus on HGH’s effect on glucose threshold. In the reports of users that managed glucose tolerance, approximately 20% of individuals experienced weakness.

Why does HGH impair glucose tolerance? HGH tends to lead to hyperinsulinemia, a state of elevated blood insulin levels. Raised blood levels of insulin may lead to insulin resistance and subsequently all forms of diabetes. Therefore, it is far from surprising that HGH may possibly impair blood sugar tolerance. Long-term studies will probably be needed to greater determine the HGH side effects on insulin levels and glucose threshold.

9. Risk of Diabetes

As I have said, HGH can lead to reduced blood sugar that may increase your odds of having Diabetes, one of the worst human growth hormone adverse reactions. The side effects of Human Growth Hormone can also consist of short-term Type-2 Diabetes. This is due to the hormone’s energy to reduce blood insulin sensitivity and increase blood sugar levels.

HGH increases your blood sugar levels which affect your insulin, however, because the HGH requires your fat and transfers it into energy, the glucose in the blood vessels remains. This elevated amount of sugar from the blood, puts pressure in the pancreas, as a result, your probability of diabetes increase.

10. Acromegaly

This condition comes as a result of excess growth hormone. Several of its signs and symptoms include toes, hands, mouth, nasal area, ear enlargements. While rare, these are severe negative effects of Human Growth Hormone. Nevertheless, while feasible, the serious effects of Human Growth Hormone are associated with abuse and nonstandard liable use. Those who mistreat the use of HGH may experience enlargement in their body parts.

Of greater issue, HGH abuse can cause internal body organ enlargement. Yet again, these negative effects of Human Growth Hormone are tied to mistreatment. HGH can be used for very long periods of time and safely; in reality, use can be indefinite. However long lasting use at a substantial dose can lead to the serious side reactions from Human Growth Hormone.

Acromegaly can be another condition that is certainly often linked to HGH use despite the fact that according to Dr. Ronald Klatz in his Grows Younger with HGH study, “Acromegaly is not a side effect of growth hormone use. It is a primary effect of deliberate and continuous overdosing”.

11. Cancer

Given that HGH enhances cell reproduction and regeneration, you may develop more cancer cells, but only when you already have cancer tissues. Well, you just have to stay away from HGH if you have a medical probability or have cancer.

Together with these acknowledged HGH side effects, there are unproven potential problems. These concerns correspond with HGH’s stimulation of benign or malignant muscles.

📌As the studies are as inconclusive, some experts are linking substantial HGH levels in adults with cancer. Malignancy is, obviously, uncontrolled cell growth. Since HGH shots partly encourage cell growth and regeneration, it is considered that raising the amount of HGH (Somatropin) can lead to the formation of cancerous cancers as well.

Obviously, people are concerned about cancer when working with drugs which can be completely simple to comprehend. Most people, when discussing malignancy are worried about tumor advancement, and tumor recurrence. HGH can accelerate the growth and development of already current tumors by means of cell division, including many forms of cancer cells.

12. Redness

This can come about after an inoculation and is an absolutely normal response by your defense mechanisms. Though, if you’re constantly becoming red soon after injecting, this might be linked to hygiene. Make sure you clean your hands ahead of use and change your needle spot if you continue to get an effect.

13. Fatigue

This is extremely uncommon, however, it can happen. This is probably caused by using low-quality HGH that contains bacteria deposits. Thus, you need to make sure you are buying from those that’s very reputable. Exhaustion is a subjective feeling that has a steady onset. As opposed to weakness, low energy can be improved by times of sleep.

📌Physical tiredness is the inability of your muscle to keep optimal physical performance, which is made worse by intensive physical exercise. Emotional fatigue is actually a decline in maximal mental function due to prolonged intervals of intellectual activity. It might manifest as somnolence, lethargy, or low energy.

Medically, exhaustion is a no-particular symptom, meaning it has several possible leads and comes in many different situations. Fatigue is known as a warning sign, because it is a subjective sensation reported from the user, instead of an objective one seen by other people. Fatigue and ‘feelings of fatigue’ tend to be confused. Numerous users have reported of exhaustion after using Growth Hormone. Others are also worried about the lack of strength that results in a short sleep.

14. Headaches

Some may also have headaches, queasiness, or dizziness. A lot of people going through HGH treatments can feel distressing aches from the first use or so after getting out of bed.

It is just like muscle discomfort on the very next day after a prolonged workout in the gym. The feeling generally disappears in hours but may last longer for several hours through the day and can be uncomfortable.

Headaches are a recurrent side effect of human growth hormone and documented by a lot of people taking the hormone for building muscles. While the signs or symptoms can be negated by typical pain relievers, the side effect is incredibly unpleasant and will occur on a regular basis.

15. Liver Damage

The liver is an organ that filters all the unnecessary agents from your bloodstream. This includes the overabundance of hormones. If HGH levels in your body raise too much, the liver goes on a lot of tension to filter the excessive quantities out. The liver is overloaded with work and will be drastically damaged. This obviously negates all the positive aspects HGH might have with this organ.

16. Concentration Problems

Though there’s an improved need for sleep at night if you’re taking HGH, it thus results in your need for more sleep during the day. This leads to difficulties at work and it is especially hazardous for those working on a machine or driving a vehicle. Those who are not able to get the requirement for having some naps might have to manage the amount of hormone use.

17. Needle Contamination

The ideal HGH effects are noticed if the hormone is administered by the needles and tend to be done by the patients on their own. If the syringes used are not sterile or contaminated, the sufferer is in danger of contracting diseases as HIV and hepatitis. Other issues can occur every time a patient does not have enough understanding of the proper needle hygiene.

18. Hearing Infections

When human growth hormone is given for a while, people notice a rise in ear microbe infections. This is especially true for people with Turner’s syndrome. Even though this side effect is reasonably rare, it might still end up being the reason to avoid the HGH treatment.

19. Irregular Heartbeat

Elderly sufferers reported unusual heartbeat from taking HGH. This side effect is normal for any hormone replacement. The dose ought to be watched and changed when such results occur. For a few people, this warning sign may lead for you to end its use.

20. Chest Pains

Minor chest aches can be a characteristic of an allergic reaction to the HGH. If such signs and symptoms occur, then you must stop. The body could be fighting extra amounts of the administered human growth hormone.

21. Bowel irregularity or Constipation

The increase of various hormone levels within the body can lead to bowel irregularity. This is among the frequent unwanted effects in women and men alike. One of the reasons for this is higher water retention as mentioned earlier. Constipation negates the increased fat burning capacity effect from the hormone.

22. Increased Perspiration or Sweating

Persons with HGH deficiency have lowered sweating difficulties. HGH is used to alleviate this condition. Nonetheless, adults with normal sweating secretion may have perspiring problems, which can be especially distressing for athletes or those who work out. Some also reported cold sweats.

23. Altered Feel or Touch Sensation

Lower or alternation in touch discomfort is one of the side effects of HGH. Usually, these signs are not way too obvious and will be ignored by the users. Even so, some people can not live with these changes and are forced to end the treatment method. Abnormal contact sensation can significantly lessen the quality of life, notably if you have a family or in a relationship.

24. Blurred Sight or Vision

Blurred eyesight is one of the hypoglycemia symptoms and it will also appear naturally in individuals going through lasting HGH medication. When someone has a hazy vision, it is strongly suggested to consult a doctor. The treatment must be changed or halted immediately.

25. Dizziness or Lightheadedness

About 5 percent of people who consider using HGH longer than 4 weeks reported that they felt dizzy every once in a while. This is especially distressing for sportsmen and weightlifters, who are making use of it to pump motor up muscle tissue and boost their training. This sort of side effect can even be troublesome for older people and can lead to problems with jogging.

26. Disposition for Afternoon Naps

This is a reversed side effect from the improved sleep at night during HGH treatment. The body can burn more energy and requires a lot more rest, in the same way, a younger child’s does. Simple afternoon naps can deal with this problem. Nevertheless, you will need to make the lifestyle change, which for a work person, too unpleasant, since adults usually do not have time to consider naps through the day.

Why Adverse Reactions Occur in Use Of HGH

In most cases, awful HGH side effects take place when users seek unregulated treatments or ignore the suggestions of their medical professionals. For instance, by enhancing the prescribed medication over a long time, or by injecting it at an early age when the physique is still in a natural way producing enough levels of Growth Hormone, one particularly, greatly boosts the chances of going through negative adverse reactions. Typically, HGH creation in the body will slowly diminish after age 21.

Nowadays, many of those endorsing HGH are overzealous sellers who attempt to convince you that HGH is actually a magic elixir that will repair all your conditions and make you 20 again. Most of these claims are outrageous and false, without having proof to back the claims up.

📌So, when you get HGH products from a doubtful supplier, you will be at risk of enduring serious adverse reactions. HGH injections, like other drugs, must be prescribed and used less than a medical oversight, to reduce the chance of battling side effects. Keep in mind, HGH injections, like Humatrope, Saizen, Norditropin, and Genotropin, aren’t cheap.

If you decide to purchase affordable, but fake merchandise you could be taking a chance on your health, and using HGH, while not from the direction of the doctor, is extremely risky. HGH negative effects are very true and a massive concern. Constantly talk with your medical professional about the advantages and disadvantages of HGH shots so you choose if they are best for you.

Precautions to Prevent HGH Side Effects

Should you nevertheless want to improve your HGH levels and you’re not in dire health care need for it, then seek advice from your doctor and don’t take hgh without prescription. More so, there are things you can do to protect yourself from the side effects of hgh:

  • Limit your salt absorption to not more than 2-3 g of sodium per day.
  • Do not drink alcohol since it cause you to keep water.
  • Boost your water intake.
  • Consider natural diuretics
  • Do not use HGH for longer than 6-8 months, unless specified by the doctor.
  • Have a blood sugar examination prior to utilizing HGH. You have to be sure that you are not currently a risk for diabetes just before using HGH.
  • Incorporate insulin into your schedule when you use HGH. If you are using over 10 IU of HGH, you have to inject blood insulin to prevent all forms of diabetes.
  • Divide your day-to-day HGH pills and injectibles into 2-3 injections, this will help in decreasing the interrupted balance in between ANP and vasopressin.
  • Consider the all-natural alternative – HGH pills are okay, risk-free, and they may still offer you a lot of the human growth hormone gains you want.
  • HGH side effects can be halted when you quit using growth hormone.

Liable use can tremendously minimize the health risks involved with HGH treatment. Certainly, those that have Growth Hormone deficiency of those over the age of 35-40, have the potential to discover the amazing aspects that HGH treatments can provide.

So weigh the risks and positive effects and decide on your own if you will be comfortable with HGH, then seek out a qualified medical professional who’s an expert in hormone replacement.

Misconceptions or Myths on HGH side effects

There are myths in conjunction with the use have of growth hormones. Actually, some experts have not been able to find a link between the suppression of endogenous HGH. Though simple suppression is present, levels go back to normal right after 20-30 time post-first use.

For instance, on HGH gut in weight training, there appears to be an occurrence, where bodybuilders develop large lean tummies as if these folks were pregnant. But, there has been no evidence of HGH leading to this problem yet still no research was completed to prove as something else either. So proceed with caution!

📌Another myth is that HGH have a negative influence on libido. This really is a common blunder as men and women that assume steroids and HGH are identical – they are not. The use of steroids does have an impact on libido but HGH does not have any harmful influence on the male sex drive.

Also, a lot of people think that HGH brings cause hair loss, even so, it does not have any impact on testosterone, so as a result, it could not promote baldness. In reality, HGH endorses collagen activity which helps you develop stronger and healthier hair.


The body requires appropriate levels of human growth hormone for permanent health and wellness. For anyone with really low levels of hgh, there may be a necessity for the needles, that your physician has to prescribe. There are also natural options that usually do not have the same unwanted effects as HGH do.

But always consider the dangers of HGH notably if you use injections from someone not qualified to give you the prescription. Instead of putting yourself at risk, why not opt for reputable and approved HGH that will boost your body’s ability to generate HGH. This helps you steer clear of the dangers and side effects.

📌Now, along with a healthy lifestyle by focusing on plenty of rest, eating a well-balanced diet, routinely working out, and following medical advice, you better your chances for a healthier body with no need of risky treatments.

Do you have reactions or comments, let us know in the field below.


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