11 Ways to Boost HGH Naturally and Safely

As soon as you get to 30 years old, you’ll start entering a period called somatopause, where your growth hormone sharply decline. But, thankfully, you’ve got options to maintain HGH. There are means to control your human growth hormone production by natural methods.

Though there’s a need to investigate natural means to know if it has positive effects of if there will be adverse reactions. In this article, I’ll look deeper to see if natural ways can indeed help stimulate growth hormone production.

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Is it possible to increase hgh naturally? Before you try anything, read through the discussion to learn more about how to boost the natural production of growth hormones.


Importance of Increasing Human Growth Hormone Naturally

HGH has been known to be very powerful if produced in regular amounts in the body. It can be taken as supplements and as prescription shots.

However, in spite of its popularity, HGH treatments has many known risks.
Increasing your Human growth hormone levels naturally is one method to maintain good health, without harmful reactions in the body. Making sure to have an all-natural HGH production helps avoid unnecessary artificial compounds and synthetics while having the natural peaks in hormone development.

More so, exogenous shots of human recombinant growth hormones are costly.

Fortunately, research has shown that there are techniques, natural ways to boost the production of growth hormones in your body and offer a viable substitute for expensive HGH treatments.

Taking control of your diet, exercise regularly, quality sleep are some of the best natural methods that work like supplements to help boost your hgh.

Each method function in particular ways to elevate HGH levels, essential for your general well being and health.

How to Naturally Increase HGH

Naturally promoting and stimulating your body’s own growth hormone production using natural methods help bring a safer approach to harness the vigor and vitality linked to your human growth hormone levels.

There are several ways you can do to make your body develop more HGH naturally.

1. Fasting

Growth hormone has been discovered to increased naturally by fasting. Based on scientific studies, fasting elevates hormone levels up to 2000%. Fasting enhances GH secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of secretion in the pituitary gland.

HGH regulates in production, naturally, especially while you’re in starvation. Committing to 16-20 hours of fasting, followed by 8-4 hours eating window is the most common practice known as intermittent fasting.

You’ll end up forcing the body to take advantage of its excess fat storage to change it to calories to fuel your whole body, that’s where HGH come as it works on the body process.

In Grow Young with HGH by Robert Klatz, he explained how growth hormone is released when you fast. After your every meal, you’ll go through 3 stages of feast and fast.

Stage 1 – One hour after you eat, your blood sugar rises and insulin are released, as it encourages the storage of excess fats and carbs.

Stage 2 – Around the second hour after you eat, blood sugar and insulin levels slowly fall, while growth hormone starts to be released.

During this stage, GH starts to build muscle protein, while being enhanced by decreasing levels of insulin.

Stage 3 – In approximately four hours after you eat, this is the post-absorptive phase, where fasting begins. This is where growth hormones peak at its highest, while insulin disappears.

During the periods of fasting (5-16 hours after eating), growth hormone mobilizes your body’s fat storages. It starts to burn and transport fat cells for use as energy, your mechanism to physically survive.

You can use occasional fasting as a dietary strategy to restrict eating to shorter time periods. It can be carried out by many different methods. One common method I’ve mentioned is to have an 8-hour eating window, with 16-hour fast. Another method involves 2 days of having only 600-800 calories per week, while you have a necessary daily intake.

Intermittent fasting help maximize HGH levels in many ways you never thought possible. For one, you burn body fat which is directly affected by HGH.

Also, fasting help keep your insulin levels very low for the majority of the day, as insulin is released if you eat. Studies suggest that blood insulin spikes disrupt natural growth hormones production, so fasting to keep insulin non-existent is your best way to naturally increase growth hormones.

2. Nutrients Hormone Precursors

Robert Klatz calls it the heart of growth enhancement program, nutrient substances work as a GH releaser or agonist to induce growth hormone production from the pituitary gland. These so-called agonists, sort of ‘jog’ the gland to secrete the hormone.

Supplement pills such as GABA, Rhodiola Rosea, astragalus, bovine colostrum, proteins are known as hormone precursors. These ingredients are 100% natural and help stimulate the manufacturing of human growth hormone in your body.

Food resources often include lean meats, nuts and beans, poultry and dairy foods, oatmeal. It’s common to see bodybuilders take these nutrients regularly to naturally induce growth hormones.

Most nutrients that can boost hgh include:

Niacin – Often referred to as forms of Vitamin B3, it’s potent HGH releaser.

Scientific studies by Pearson and Shaw noted that intravenously taking 200 milligrams of Niacin help increase hormone levels eightfold, with the hgh surge peaking just two hours after administering.

Super vitamins and Fiber – Vitamin C and Vitamin D can improve HGH. A 2012 study printed in Human Growth Hormone and IGF Research learned that specific nutrition – including Vit c and nutritional fiber – increases the release of HGH.

Food products loaded with vitamin C involve citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, mango, broccoli, bell peppers, leafy green vegetables, and tomatoes. All plant-based meals provide diet fiber, which includes fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. Dried legumes, peas, and lentils are particularly rich in fiber.

Nootropics – Nootropics increase the functioning of memory and mood, while it boosts HGH which include GABA, GHB, and L-DOPA. A Japanese study found that taking 2.5 dose help boost hormone levels nine-fold in just 30 minutes and even rise 16 times above its baseline in one hour.

Weight training supplements – The well-known supplements Creatine monohydrate and Whey protein concentrate can also boost Human growth hormone.

These nutrients definitely have a place in your natural growth hormone boosting regimen. You certainly want to take them regularly. The compounds have a various function in normal HGH production. Some ingredients give fuel, while others create the maximum environment for HGH to work by its own mechanism.

3. Amino Acids

Amino acidsAlthough Amino Acids can be considered as nutrients, I’ve separated this into its own section to emphasize its importance. There are twenty amino acids that form building blocks of proteins, which makes up enzymes, bones, muscles, skin, organs. Amino acids have been known to induce GH.

Most people who want to elevate their growth hormone levels just take Aminos Supplements. These include L-arginine, Glycine, L-glutamine, Taurine, and L-ornithine.

The most commonly taken amino acid in the body is glutamine. Consuming a relative amount of glutamine (2,000 milligrams) has been shown to raise plasma GH levels.

Glutamine has been shown to preserve muscular mass in people vulnerable to burning off lean weight due to inactivity following a surgical procedure. This implies that glutamine might provide essential gains to maintain lean tissue.

L-arginineLike glutamine, oral intake of the amino acid l-arginine increases the GH at rest.

The mix of l-arginine intake with exercise makes even greater improvement in the GH level.

Its anabolic (tissue-building) factors, has also been claimed to increase GH secretion.

Powerful evidence shows that the combination of arginine and ornithine augments the results of resistance training by helping to improve lean body weight and durability.

The examination also established that oral amounts as comparatively small as 1 gram of ornithine and l-arginine were great at enhancing durability and toned tissue bulk.

📌In case you have bodybuilding goals, make sure you are having intake of amino acids in your eating hours, so your body doesn’t break down the muscle for energy. Otherwise, you may well start losing all of the gains.

4. Melatonin

Melatonin helps normalize sleep and wake periods. Studies show that melatonin can also increase HGH amounts by above 150 percent of natural levels. You don’t require a lot of melatonin, anywhere between 0.5 to 5 mg well before bed will do.

Try experimenting with small doses since it is a strong inducer of sleep. It’s the closest thing that you can get to sleeping pills and its production as at its peak in the evening.

To increase its effects, take 1-5 mg (mg) around half an hour before bed. Start with a small dose, then raise if needed.

If you prefer a natural source of melatonin, eat lots of pineapples, bananas, grapefruits, oats, sugary corn, rice, tomatoes, and barley. These foods have been known to boost melatonin naturally.

MelatoninIn one study, the research found pineapple increased melatonin by around 260 Percent while bananas increased by 180%.

Grapefruits were able to raise melatonin by approximately 47%. The best way to take all of the nutrients is always have it as a morning drink.

If you’re in shifting work and you have trouble establishing a sleeping routine, melatonin can help reset your body clock at night.

It can help reschedule your body after long hours of travel while you zip through different time zones. The secretion of the hormone can help reduce fatigue and disorientation from jetlag, stressors which can cause GH production out of whack.

📌This hormone also plays a vital role in hypertension regulation. Melatonin is fairly harmless and non-dangerous. However, it might alter brain chemistry in many ways, so you may want to consult a doctor prior to using it.

5. Good Sleep

Nearly all GH release occurs at nighttime during deep restful sleep. Sleep is known as the best natural stimulus of endogenous GH release. It is well recorded in studies that lack of sleep, unusual sleeping times, and low-quality rest can substantially slow down GH release.

To improve sleep, preserve good sleep hygiene routine by sticking to a regular bedtime. Do not consume alcoholic drinks or caffeine intake 4-6 hrs before bedtime; while making sure to keep excess lighting and sound out of the bedroom you’ll be sleeping.

Since GH secretion takes place primarily during the night, strive to have a good quality sleep. The growth hormones are produced in pulses while you’re in the first few levels of REM.

That is that part of rest that you want to have every night. The pulses are founded on your body’ s internal time clock or circadian rhythm.

For those with insomnia, it can influence the deficiency in your hormones and actually lead to faster aging. You’ve probably noticed people with lack of sleep that started to look old, with wrinkled skin and bags under the eyes. This is the cause of decreased growth hormones.

HGH production follows in rhythm, in eight to twelve pulses on a daily basis, with the largest pulse released about 60 minutes into the beginning of sleep.

In case your quality of rest is poor, you will have a decrease in the volume of HGH produced.

To truly optimize GH secretion while sleeping, be sure you’ll go for 8-10 quality sleeping hours in bed.

Having an adequate hour of deep rest is one of the best strategies to increase your growth hormone production.

There are simple strategies to help optimize your sleep in case your having trouble getting a shut eye.

Stop using phones and turn off computer devices.
Read a book in the evening to help you relax.
Ensure your master bedroom is at a comfortable temperature.
Do not consume caffeinated drinks late in the day.

6. Low Glycemic Carbs

Glycemic index is on how fast carbohydrates enter the bloodstream and raises blood sugar. High glycemic carbs often cause insulin spikes. In case you don’t know, the harmful surges of insulin lessen the production of GH and even increase your threat for type two diabetes.

A carbohydrate-loaded diet provides the tendency to reduce HGH to be released as a result of insulin. Pre-exercise routine meals with fat will also be shown to decrease HGH.

Avoid high-glycemic-load food products such as white rice, white bread, cereal, potato chips, biscuits, soda, and commercially refined fruit juices which are rich in fructose and devoid of fibers.

Stay away from foods composed of basic sugars, including most cupcakes or brownies. Stop eating any sweets-packed snacks before and after work-out, even so before bedtime.

Instead, go for nutrient and fiber-rich fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes.

Eat meals in the low glycemic list, such as complex carbohydrates.

Low-fat proteins, like chicken or lean slices of meat, help balance the intake of blood sugar into the blood vessels, keeping your insulin levels lower.

Fiber-rich food products, like broccoli or legumes, are good alternatives, too.

7. Lessen Sugar Consumption

As mentioned above, a rise in insulin can lower Human growth hormone production. Enhanced intake of sugary foods increases insulin levels.

Together with directly impacting insulin levels, excessive sugar absorption causes an increase in weight, which can impact HGH production.

Now, you don’t need to restrict yourself like removing sugar altogether or avoiding it like a plague. More often, you’ll have intense cravings and before you know it, you end up consuming more sugar than before.

Although, rare sweet treat like a slice of chocolate cake on special occasions would not impact your growth hormone in the long term, but avoid eating sweets every day. Be aware of the amount of sugar that you take.

Other than immediately impacting the insulin levels, abnormal consumption of sweets also plays a role in obesity and weight gain, which often negatively impacts the Human growth hormone levels.

It is said that what you eat 90% of the time, will have the most profound effect on your health, notably your hormones and body composition.

📌All in all, you need to aim for a good and healthy daily diet. In reality, the foods you consume most routinely will have the maximum effect on your hormonal levels, body, and all around health.

8. Don’t Eat Before Sleeping

This should be your mantra in the evening and you should remind yourself as often as possible until its natural to you: Don’t eat 2-to-3 hours before sleeping.

You would like to keep your levels of insulin as low as possible before going to sleep so you can develop more Human growth hormone while you sleep.

I’ve mentioned this many times when levels of insulin are high, less HGH is produced. When insulin levels are low, more Human growth hormone is created.

📌What you can do is plan your meal at night carefully. Your last dinner of the day is the most essential for sustaining a robust GH/IGF-1 level. A higher-health protein, low-carbohydrate before bedtime may work on dual purpose. Avoid having midnight snacks at night.

And since most foods include at least a certain amount of sugar, the easiest way to keep your levels of insulin minimized is to consume nothing whatsoever.

In case, you’re unable to give up evening snacks, give your body further fuel like complex carbohydrate or healthy proteins. Go for wheat, grain bagel, or salads.

Why is this important? Your body generates the most volume of HGH throughout sleep. Thus, in order to fully increase HGH amounts at its peak, you want to make sure that your insulin is at its minimum

9. Protein Before/After Workout

Work outThe timing of your meals and snacks is extremely important. Get your GH levels to increase by eating a protein-rich food inside 30 minutes, well before or following your workout.

You can have a low-fat yogurt shake or eat a boiled egg. Eating protein will give your body the fuel to produce maximum muscle tissue breakdown and regeneration, prompting GH boosts.

Studies have shown that protein drinks, both with and without having carbs, can boost growth hormone amounts during workout routines. Protein drinks taken before, in the course of or right after a workout also increase hgh ranges.

Muscles don’t just form from thin air. How do you get muscles but through the higher percentage of protein you eat in your diet. Remember how growth hormone works on lean mass by increasing protein synthesis. GH helps put protein into the muscles.

Protein from lean meat provides essential and vital amino acids seen to assist GH release. The same essential proteins are vital for supporting muscle tissue growth and recovery in active individuals.

10. Exercise

Strength training along with cardiovascular workouts are some of the best ways of increasing growth hormones inside your body. It’s not surprising that those who are personally active, typically look fit and are more in shape.

They look fresher when compared to those who are sedentary and non-active. Thus, try to exercise for a minimum of 4-5 days weekly.

Exercise is a tremendous, natural optimizer of GH secretion. The particular exercise you are doing, as well the intensity and duration of your workouts, all play a vital role in deciding on how your workout regimen plays a role in GH release in your body.

In Ronald Klatz’s research, he particularly mentioned on the intensity needed to trigger highly stimulated growth hormones. Your workout needs to elicit a body reaction which corresponds to the formation of lactate acid in the joints, muscles, and bloodstream.

Exercises that pushes above the lactate threshold, amplify the pulsate level of growth hormones, even increasing in full secretion for about 24 hours.

Eventually, depending on physical exercise duration and intensity, the amount of lactic acid growth in your muscle tissues becomes in excess of the rate of dispersion.

This is known as the lactate limit, and can typically be elicited at exercises that demand among 80 percent and 90 percent of the trained athlete’ s maximum heart rate.

One of the most effective ways to exceed your lactate threshold is by resistance training, but you do not have to lift large weights to take advantage of improved GH levels.

Several studies show that circuit training, which utilizes comparatively light resistances, can be equally as effective to boost hormones just as strenuous exercise routines.

Circuit training seems less daunting than strength training. Circuit workout calls for a higher number of reps and the relaxation periods involving consecutive units are often substantially shorter, generally, on the get-go compared to one minute or two for weightlifting.

If you go for longer-duration, low-intensity cardio-type activities such as cycling, or swimming, you may need to increase your workout durations and sessions to build optimal GH secretion.

Though, you can apply HIIT, high-intensity interval training in these cardio exercises. You’ll be punctuating your typical, lower-intensity cardio exercise routine with brief, all-out sprints every single three to five moments can also quickly push your lactate threshold.

11. Relaxation

There are many ways to help your body recover and rest from a tiring day. You all know how HGH is produced when your brain is in deep slumber when you’re completely stress-free and relax.

Well, you can increase hgh by relaxation as well. You can likewise incorporate different relaxation techniques in your daily life.

Do a meditation – There are lots of health gains from meditating. But, most importantly, it helps you recuperate your body and mind.

How do you meditate? You will find lots of methods to do this, but one of the best relaxation techniques for soothing your well being is to just breathe slowly and watch your breath for five minutes each day. This will have a dramatic impact on your ability to unwind and stay relaxed.

Take a hot bath – Taking a warm bath can help boost your overall blood flow, and circulation, helping you reduce stiffness and tension with your muscles.

Yoga Stretching – Stretching is the best way to relax the muscles. Make sure to extend every part of the body after you take part in any type of exercise. Learn some basic yoga poses or if you can do yoga positions yet, do some basic stretching exercises in different parts of your body.

Humor and Laughter – See a funny motion picture or visit a comedy group. Surround yourself with hilarious people and to learn to laugh out loud. Chronic or continual tension reduces the actual production of HGH within the body.

The very procedure of laughing brings a positive result on the body as it helps naturally increase the hormone. Studies show that viewing a funny video can even bring up to 87% of their HGH levels.


The growth hormone levels in youth are linked with power, good health, and vitality.

However, given the high cost and risks linked to recombinant GH treatments, changing your lifestyle can likewise help enhance growth hormone in your body.

Though weight management, exercise, healthy sleeping habits, reducing intake of glycemic carbohydrates, and consuming the right supplements, you could safely and successfully get the natural boost HGH levels that you need.

Do you have questions and reactions, just let us know in the section below.



Boost Your HGH Levels

Grow Young with HGH, Dr.Ronald Klatz, Harper Publishing

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