5 Top Natural Growth Hormone Supplements | Legal HGH Buyer’s Guide & Review

If you’re seeking to improve your life at middle age, or you already feel older in your body, there’s a way to enhance your standard of living.

In this article, you’ll find out the best natural HGH releasers on the market today, so be sure to read on to know more how it can help you.

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Best HGH Supplements for MenRatingCheck PriceBenefitsPrice
Look younger, Burn fat, Develop lean muscle, Healthier joints$$$$$
Prime HGH4.8Boost your energy, Drop weight, Build muscles, For bodybuilders, Effective hormone therapy.$$$$$
HGF Max4.8Boost muscles, Lose weight, Build lean muscles, Look more youthful, Healthier body$$$$
Dbol GH4.6Build toned muscles, Raise energy levels, Faster healing, Weight decrease, Boost overall health$$$
More stamina, Reduced aging, Higher vitality, Higher libido, Stronger Erection$$$

Best HGH Pills Reviews

There are plenty of Human growth hormone supplements out there today, so I narrowed the list of the top HGH supplements that you can pick from. Check out the very best Human growth hormone supplements listed below.

1. GenFX HGH

The top product I found helpful in hormone therapy is GenFX HGH pills. This HGH supplement offers tons of helpful benefits, which include strengthening weaken bones and overcoming fatigue. GenFX HGH can also be used if you like to enhance your body functionality and rehabilitation.

There are some active people I know that have used it and they approved the use of GenFX, affirming that it indeed improves their energy and strength. On the other hand, some of my friends who are in forties preferred its anti-aging advantages and have been using the pills regularly. I’ve seen it myself as it helps minimize my wrinkles, overcome hair thinning, and even help me get glowing younger skin.

If you really want to increase your growth hormone levels, this is the best product for you. Here’s the thing with the GenFX HGH supplement. There are so many right now for you to find the right one in the market. However, only quite a few can really stimulate your body’s pituitary gland in a safe, natural way to release more HGH on its own. Since, this is a dietary natural supplement, there’s nothing artificial about it. That’s worth noting and focusing.

If you’ve seen aging signs in your body and notice diminished energy levels, then you would certainly want a 100% safe, affordable, effective, natural HGH booster like GenFX. For the sake of clarity, we know there are those HGH “shortcuts.” For this, we’re talking about expensive and risky HGH injection types.

So, do you really want to go this road? Well, if you ask me, I would rather be on the natural and safe side. If you really want to experience all benefits associated with HGH boost, with nothing to worry, GenFX is your best bet and it’s offering to thousand users around the world all this time.

GenFX HGH Supplement Review

Taking it regularly is easy, you need to simply have 2 tablets every day, one in the morning and the other late afternoon.

To some, GenFX HGH pills is somewhat costly. However, if you think of it, the price is just a small fraction of more expensive HGH injection costs. I really find this human growth hormone supplement to be well worth, as it can surpass the injectable types, in terms of efficiency. This is a wonderful choice if you want an approved legal HGH booster while not having a prescription requirement.

I browsed their official page and they mentioned that supplement contains complete ingredients, for helping proper stimulation of growth hormones in your body, so it naturally improve your HGH levels. Their company looks legit with one US toll free numbers for America and International orders. They’ve been in business since 2000’s, they’re reputable, trustworthy, and established.

I looked into their testimonial page with good positive feedback. One user, Joseph Gomes, from Weymouth, Massachusetts said he got more energy and muscle mass. He said he have tried GenFX personally for a month and that he was able to have good workouts and have sleep perfectly. He said, before GenFX, he could barely even sleep 4 hrs, but the product won him over.

Of course, if you ask me if I recommend it, yes I do.


Soy Phosphate, Panax Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Amino Acids, Bovine Anterior Extract, L-ornithine, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-glutamine, L-glycine, L-pyroglutamic, L-pyroglutamate, L-tyrosine, Bovine Anterior Extract, Hypothalamic Extracts

  • Look younger, feel more youthful
  • Burn fat
  • Develop your body
  • Develop lean muscle
  • Far healthier body and joint
  • None stated

2. Prime HGH Supplement

Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH

I like Prime HGH pills since it includes additional ingredients like Amino Peptides, which is necessary for muscle tissue development. This is one of the most expensive from the HGH supplements. Though, notwithstanding the cost, the high-quality formula is preferred by many people.

Generally, I found this as a very good hgh product. Almost all of their compounds are in a proprietary blend, combining six potent Growth Factors and 8 amino acid releasers which has been recommended by independent researchers physicians for HGH Supplementation.

Browse their official site and you’ll see that they provide what the users need to know. They have an overview of benefits, ingredients, directions, and even money back if you’re not completely satisfied. You can simply return it for a full refund, so it has minimal risk on your part.

Several of its testimonials from users have been mixed though, with several positive reviews which mentioned how it worked for them.

One user named Greg, stated how Prime HGH helped him saying he’s been taking it for 12 months, and tried and stick with it, but given up on other products. With Somatropin, he said it given him more energy, clarity, and stamina thru his workouts.

I’ve looked further into their customer support and they mentioned that Prime HGH works well by itself or it can also be stacked with another ancillary for better results. As stated, depending on your goal, for example, to have lean muscles and fat loss, it would work with Clen XDV. If you need to gain mass, then the Prime HGH and Dekka combination. You can contact their online chat and they can help find the right combination of products to help meet your goals.

For directions on use, just take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill five to six hours before bedtime. For best results, I suggest you have a proper diet and that you exercise regularly.


  • Niacin (10 mg)
  • HGH Prime Matrix (3400 mg)
  • L-Arginine Pyroglutamate
  • L-lysine HCI
  • AlphaSize (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine)
  • L-Glutamine
  • Mucuna pruriens (for L-dopa)
  • Boost your energy
  • Drop pounds
  • Build muscles
  • For bodybuilders
  • Effective hormone enhancer
  • Results vary

Prime HGH pills by GoodHGH

3. HGF Max


HGF Max is another supplement I recommend for people who want to avoid the legalities over the usage of HGH shots to boost growth hormone. It offers a safe and secure way to enhance HGH amounts without dreadful HGH unwanted effects. Containing good quality organic ingredients, HGF Max stimulates your pituitary gland to discharge more growth hormone.

The manufacturer states you get the benefits, in the same way with Human growth hormone shots. It provides you a guarantee of the product’s safety since its approved by the Federal Drug Administration. One of the aspects that make the item appealing to a lot of users is the non-need for a doctor’s prescription.

This supplement works as a great anti-aging treatment for older individuals. You can continue having other advantages from the releaser because of its human growth hormone-increasing effect. Using HGH shots for a large number of purposes is disallowed by law without a prescription and this makes HGF Max a better option.

HGF Max is one of the costly HGH dietary supplements on the market. Several people feel discouraged by that, but you may find it worth the value when you consider how close it is to Human growth hormone releasers. This is regarded as one of the most trustworthy HGH supplements on the market.

I looked at the ingredients and its mostly Proprietary Blend Content. An order contains 60 Capsules per bottle. It has easy directions, just take two pills daily as a supplement.

I browse their testimonials and it has several encouraging feedback from users. One person who has used it, Lawrence, age 51 years old, mentioned how HGH max helped him in the physical rehab process. He was under cast in a leg for 4 months, but after he discovered the product, he ordered HGF MAX and tried it. He said he noticed after a gradual increase in muscle mass in his right leg. He said his orthopedic surgeon was surprised on how he gained recovery.

I only notice there’s not much feedback yet for this product, so it’s up to you if you like to give it a try.


L-Arginine (L-Arginine HCI), L-Glutamine, L-Lysine HCI, L-Tyrosine, Astragalus Extract (Astragalus membranaceous), Deer Antler Velvet, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid), Phosphatidyl Choline, L-Ornithine, L-Glycine

  • Boost muscles
  • Lose fat
  • Build lean muscles
  • Look more youthful
  • Far healthier body and joint
  • Quite expensive for others

4. Dbol GH

Dbol GH

After some research, I found that Dbol is the closest you get to man-made HGH, regarding efficacy for muscle development. The hormone release is believed to smooth the creases, build toned muscles, raise energy levels, encourage faster healing, fat loss, and boost overall health.

You may find Dbol GH as a good Human growth hormone supplement unless you suffer an extreme deficiency. If you have an interest in increasing your growth hormone levels and gaining lean body mass, you can try the product. It saves you from using expensive HGH injection and steroid drugs.

Dbol GH is said to be the nearest you can get to injectable HGH in getting the best results. This fairly justifies its cost, which remains to be significantly under the price on how much injections and unlawful anabolic steroids might cost. Its effectiveness has made quite a few users say its worth it.

I notice it has two unique ingredients, Beta-Ecdysterone and Bovine Colostrum. The manufacturer mentioned that this is comparable to Anabolic Steroids, so it’s a good supplement if your target is to have a buff body. I think it also has a bigger serving size at 150 capsules, so this should help you see its effectiveness in long use.

I looked at the testimonial section, and it only has few feedback as of this writing. It has few questions on its use, particularly how to stack Dbol HGH. A user, Eric, asked if he can stack it with of body builder, to further help burn off stomach fat. According to customer support, they mentioned that the weight product stacked with DBol works great for muscle gain, but Eric should continue with workouts to keep most of the gains even if he stopped taking the products.

You can check DBol HGH if it’s worth the try, depending on your goals and budget, to see if works for you.


Beta-Ecdysterone (20-Hydroxyecdysone), Inosine, HICA, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, Calcium HMB (Calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate), L-Valine, Bovine Colostrum

  • Build toned muscles
  • Raise energy levels
  • Faster healing
  • Fat decrease
  • Boost overall health
  • Not for more older folks

5. Provacyl


Another product I found effective is Provacyl, a men’s only HGH supplement directed at the male market. Used the product to help you have a younger body, while it boosts your sexual performance. In addition to Human growth hormone releasers, Provacyl includes components which activate the production of androgenic hormone or testosterone, another hormone important to muscle building.

It should help you stay in shape and be sexually active in your middle age and beyond. Actually, Provacyl is a good medication for older gentlemen, over 45. If you probably never imagined you would need to be worried about anything like menopause, you should there’s such a thing in men on a particular age.

Known as andropause, its accountable for your feelings of low energy, no libido, brain fog, weak muscle tissues, and so forth. The good news is, there is a strategy to stop the consequences of andropause, so you stay in tip-top form.

Provacyl is a reasonably priced, effective, and reliable HGH supplement which contains both androgenic hormone or testosterone and Human growth hormone in one gel cap.

According to þe manufacturer, there are no known negative effects of Provacyl because of its organic ingredients. Should you suffer from allergies or do experience any negative allergic reactions to the product, stop taking it and contact a medical professional. It has a very low reaction due to natural ingredients within the gel cover.

I checked on its official page and it stated 4 core ingredients made up of blends of herbals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They claim it can kick-start production of HGH and testosterone.

I browsed further, and the company looks legit. Its made by LEADING EDGE HEALTH, and they have been in business ever since 2001, with BBB accredited rating. I notice they listed a 67-day money back prominently, so I think its worth to try. However, I didn’t see any testimonial section, so you have decided if you like to get this product even without feedback from users.


Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6, D-Aspartic Acid.

  • Much more stamina
  • Reduced telltale signs of aging
  • Higher vitality
  • Higher libido
  • Stronger Erection
  • Better bone strength and density
  • Lean muscular mass
  • Fat loss
  • It could take 2 or more months to experience

What Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

There are essentially several kinds of Human growth hormone supplements. One is by inserting the synthetic growth hormone in your system to instantly raise your hormone level. Naturally, this ‘works’ best since it goes directly into the body.

However, this type of Human growth hormone supplement is very strong and may result in a number of adverse reactions. More so, taking real HGH is unlawful, and you need to be sure you know the regulation in your area well before engaging in its use.

So, is there another option? Your answer is as good as mine, it’s Growth Hormone Supplements.

How HGH Supplements Work?

How HGH Supplements Work

The supplement form was developed to boost the volume of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It works as a natural stimulant, though it may have some reaction, it’s essentially an inhibitory neurotransmitter which operates by preventing your brain from using the other chemical compounds.

What it does is that you have more serotonin and more melatonin in the brain, which results in an improved disposition and deep sleep. Having a good sleep is a key for the production of more growth hormones.

Do HGH Pills Really Work?

Do HGH Pills Really Work

Well, this question on whether hgh pills really work have a long controversy. While it works for the brain, and act as a stimulant, it does not directly increase hgh. Let me clear about that. Not directly, but it stimulates your brain enough so you get into deeper sleep, where growth hormone gets produce naturally.

So, whether or not consuming more hgh in capsule form would have the same capacity to produce the same effects like the injections, has been debated upon by its various users.

In reality, there is a theory that demonstrates that pills form will go through the blood, which also affects your brain. That has been the case if you take other capsule forms used for the treatment of other illnesses like fever, hypertension, etc. If you take a medication pill, the drug has an effect in your blood in any other way.

So, naturally other Human growth hormone supplements function in different ways, with its different blends and ingredients, but its sole objective is to stimulate a part of your brain, to help you produce the hormone yourself, without the synthetics.

Why Use HGH Supplements

The reason that I see why some use supplements than injections is a matter of convenience. If you prefer taking it orally, fine. Not everyone like needles and some even has a phobia for it.

Another thing I discovered is the specific attitude or mindset of the user towards a therapy.

Most users of the needle type prefer the injectable since they’re in a rush to see benefits. This is quite apparent with athletes and those into bodybuilding. They want to see big lean muscles fast, to the detriment of side effects. Their mindset is ‘I like to see body ripped in two weeks time’, so they’ll inject it straight into the blood.

Users of pills form, on the other hand, are more casual in nature, meaning they don’t rush the benefits in the body. In part, they want it to be secreted as natural as possible without taking synthetic compounds. Synthetics has its utmost risk if taken directly in the bloodstream, the reason I’ve now tried to achieve positive changes in the body through the natural state.

So, ask yourself first on your objective and mindset. Are you in a rush to get those HGH effects notwithstanding the high risks of body reactions by synthetics? Or do you prefer it to naturally stimulate hormone taking in pills form? Well, your answer should be based on your convenience, pain tolerance, and which hgh treatment type you can afford.


Improving your HGH levels is not something you want to do unless you’re diagnosed with a medical condition and I suggest that you see a doctor to know if you really need a hormone boost. If you want to build and maintain your youthful looks, ensure beforehand that your healthy before taking any medication.

Do you have any questions and reactions in the article, just let me know in the comment section.



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