HGH Benefits – What Are Positive Effects Of Growth Hormone Therapy

Studies regarding human growth hormone has shown its potential as a helpful agent. I’ll show you the health benefits of HGH in this article. Read on to see how it can benefit you.


Benefits of Taking Human Growth Hormones

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I learned about the importance of HGH, only after my growth hormone depleted, that is after I started feeling ‘old’. After I started feeling drowsy, low in energy, weak. I went on to know more why I felt listless mostly throughout the day.

I just didn’t have the motivation to workout, and lack of exercise further exacerbates my ‘aging’. I consulted my doctor and got the answer that I need. My hormone levels are starting to drop.

If you still don’t know, decreasing HGH levels bring those aging indicators that I mentioned. Human growth hormone is a key component in the human’s internal system. Particularly, growth hormone is accountable for strength, youth, energy, and fat loss. It’s made up of 191 amino acids, every one of which has its assigned body use.

Secreted through the pituitary gland and an integral ‘part of the human brain’, it travels towards the liver and begins its ‘growth’ function. In relation to aging, I found out that this hormone gets lower by 12 to 15%. Statistically, percentages dropped steeply in every 10 years. Bam! I’m officially old!

Can you imagine what could happen right after your 40, or perhaps when you’re 50 years old? I did and it further shows my wrinkles. Time and age arrive sooner than and later. Not being prepared could make you look sixty in your forty, with grey hairs and overweight at worse.

Fortunately, in today’s day and age, increasing the amounts of growth hormone can be done in various ways, which includes nutrition, diet, deep sleep. Though, the best way I recently discovered is to directly raise human growth hormones. With suitable treatment, taking growth hormones becomes completely safe for the human body and brings a huge range of helpful benefits.

HGH Therapy Benefits Based on Research

For a while, I always thought that human growth hormone benefits that I read are just claims produced by some random people. But with further research, I learned that there are real studies that show how effective it is. As an illustration, 14 generally healthy men within age 50-70 were tested, as published from the International Journal of Endocrinology. It was mentioned, assessed, and confirmed the impact of Human growth hormone treatment.

Six months following HGH supervision, researchers witnessed that the hormone substantially enhanced body responsiveness of muscles. This pointed out improved muscles strength.

In comprehensive studies on HGH use in sports, Californian researchers claimed an average improvement of 4.6 weight in toned body mass for those who lift. The treatments reportedly that it also lead to considerable improvement in strength or exercise capability. Men in ages 48-66 years were the focus of the nine-month study performed to see if HGH can really help deal fight obesity. It was observed within the research that recombinant human growth hormone really helped reduce stomach and visceral fat. Additionally, it decreased diastolic blood pressure and enhanced blood insulin sensitivity.

How Long To See Benefits From HGH

While Human Growth Hormone treatment method can create results quickly, HGH produces an enduring and substantial effect on your system long term. Some users see some effects within the first weeks, while it takes up to 6 months for the total effect being realized.

Although effects will be different based on age, general health, as well as the precise formula, the typical human growth hormone user can expect subsequent benefits eventually.

What Are The Benefits of HGH

Human growth hormone can be administered in sized doses, from bigger to little doses. It can be used for general recuperation and health. There’s a growing list of benefits of human growth hormone treatment:

1. Anti-aging

The moment I learned about growth hormone, I wanted to know how it can fight aging signs. Many old men use human growth hormone to combat old age. They see it as a method turn back the time and feel young again. How does this work, the polypeptide hormone is known to be as the foundation of life. Peptides help promote cell regeneration and repair or replace tissue that comes with age. It help tightens your skin and encourages resilience to deal with lines and wrinkles.

HGH operates on your body’s connective cells which can lead to potential pores, sagging and wrinkled skin. The anti-aging benefits males older than 40 more, due to their reduced hgh levels.

2. Weight Training

It’s easier for younger guys to build muscle compared to their older counterparts. I have noticed this as soon as I turn 30. The key factor generally within the younger man’s higher human growth hormone levels.

As you age, it usually gets harder and harder to develop lean muscle mass, while fat and weight get even misplaced. HGH render huge help, that’s why human growth hormone has become extremely popular among muscle builders.

Unlike standard anabolic steroids, growth hormone not only increases muscle mass but even fiber size. Furthermore, it improves tissue recovery after lifting heavy weights. The GH compound has become part of countless professional bodybuilders for this reason. It’s usually used along with testosterone or any other anabolic steroids for amplified muscles gains.

3. Bone Density

Elderly people are among the most affected by the problem of weak and breakable bones. As a result, their prone to fractures easily, specifically impacting their hips. This dilemma is particularly real for those older than 65 years, ‘a group very likely to accidental tumble’ with the occurrence of bone injuries that may even lead to fatality or paralysis. With older age, the cause of old individuals has a hard time to heal bone fragments rapidly.

If your quite older, you can handle these troubles by sustaining adequate degrees of growth hormone in your body. HGH harden the bone tissue-creating cells generally known as osteocytes. Additionally, it stimulates bone tissue-resorbing cells. It boosts bone fragments of mineral denseness for more robust bones. Having elevated growth hormone is necessary for regulating bone tissue growth, as it energizes the production of IGF-1, as it energizes bone-forming, reabsorbing cells and tissues, leading to more stronger bones.

4. Weight Control

Blood insulin resistance, viscera abdominal fat, and being overweight is common in adults with hormone growth deficiency. Obesity, particularly belly fat, is a concern in older folks with low human growth hormone levels because they have a hard time dropping pounds. If you notice, extra weight seem to cling hard in the stomach as people get old. This problem has been said to develop from lower metabolism to handle carbs, lipids, and proteins.

It consequently means that if you’ll be increasing your growth hormones, it can help people solve their abdominal problem. Human growth hormone, in a way, factors the body to utilize fat for energy rather than storing it.

One exciting thing which I observed about HGH is its ability to deal with stubborn visceral fat, which is linked to many health issues. Stomach and visceral adipose cells seem to decreases along with diastolic blood pressure level, while increased insulin susceptibility got better.

Well, you can call it the most efficient anti-fat ‘agent’ ever found. GH revs up your fat burning capacity while reshaping the contours of the belly, hips, midsection and upper thighs. In many cases, you’ll ‘look as if you’ve dropped weight, as you shed the misplaced fat.’

5. Immunity Boost

You may enhance your body’s ability to combat infections by maintaining higher levels of human growth hormone. As it can boost your immune system by stimulating white blood vessels cell development, it helps in defending your body towards infections, like colds and viruses which typically afflict older individuals.

Human growth hormone improves the production of new antibodies, increases the creation of T-cells and interleukin 2, while it induces the proliferation of disease-battling cells and even energizes your body’s good bacteria.

6. Cardiovascular Health

Adults with lack of growth hormone have an increased threat of coronary disease, leading to lowered life expectancy. In Sweden, 104 patients that lack growth hormone were examined for coronary disease risk. These patients had better body mass and triglyceride levels compared to regulates. The final effects suggest lipoprotein metabolism is altered by growth hormone deficiency, boosting the risk for cardiovascular disease.

You will feel great in your cardiovascular health if you have enough levels of the hormone. It will help you deal with the dilemma of raised triglyceride and cholesterol levels. This good substance boosts your heart health, enabling you to exercise at high intensity, while it assists you in preventing the oily plaques in arteries.

7. Sleep Quality

I notice myself frequently waking up in the morning, more tired, rather than feeling renewed. How’s that possible. After undergoing growth hormone therapy recently, it already help me get out of bed more energized. Now I can face my day with more vitality, without feeling drowsy because of lack of good sleep.

I discovered that the majority of growth hormone secretion takes place right after the onset of rest and keeps rising when the deep phases of sleep are reached. If you are going through sleep deprivation, like you work at night, this could affect you adversely throughout the day. Sleep deficiency alters brain function, furthermore altering growth hormone production. How many times you’ve feel ‘brain fog?’. That’s lack of quality sleep there.

When sleep is deprived for 24 to 36 hours, according to a research by the University of Chicago, the hormone drastically decrease. There’s a time release of growth hormone, and it becomes arbitrary and more repeated throughout your waking time. This study shows that sleep deprivation can reduce growth hormone in the early morning and can severely interrupt and modify the sleep-wake period.

If you take, growth hormone, it can help you get far more relaxing and refreshing rest. Lower hormone level increases the amount of the cortisol within the body and this help in sleep quality. You get far more restful sleep by increasing your HGH levels.

8. Concentration

Receptor cells in areas of your brain are associated with recollection and studying, but did you know it also depends on growth hormones. It’s far not surprising to find out that older people suffer from mental decline since the hormone drop as years creep in.

Growth hormone treatment has been known to improve the cognitive process of older folks. It enhances signals to receptor tissues in the head for increased memory, concentration, and learning.

You can consider using HGH if you notice that your focus decreases. The treatment help in improving your brain’s concentration levels. HGH can stimulate the repair and rejuvenation of brain tissues. It also has an effect on the protein production, responsible for good memory. HGH has been specifically used to treat short-term memory and hand-eye synchronization.

9. Energy

Scientific studies show conclusively that human growth hormone can have an enormous impact on energy. This includes holistic HGH and also the injectable types, as the latter has proven its ability to increase energy levels up to 84 percent.

Your total energy is not really isolated to the body. It can be emotional and creativity too. You need considerable amounts of these just to function on a fundamental level. Growth hormone help enhance energy, as already proven in research.

I once feel the effects of fatigue and this loss of energy affects any plans I have for rest of the day. For several weeks, it can be chronic, where I suffer from low, lethargic energy, that it consistently becomes normal to just feel down. After I’ve done some research and started using GH, I notice my tiredness drastically turning to more stable energy for the day. It’s an energy boost if you ask me.

10. Strength

Along with energy levels, scientific studies show there could be a tremendous enhancement in muscle tissue strength up to 88%. All muscle within your body is primarily proteins. This protein is made from aminos. Thus, sustaining healthy muscle tissue cells, as well as a solid muscle mass, is determined by your body’s access to aminos. If the body system is not assimilating an adequate amount of these, the muscle will be destroyed and the quantity of muscle begin to reduce.

The result of this is a loss of all-around body durability. When consuming meals high in health proteins, such as meats, fish, beans, nuts, chicken, plant seeds, the body absorbs healthy proteins into its primary foundations, which are the aminos. The body then takes in these proteins through the smaller intestines.

Irrespective of the type of proteins you consume, your body generally has access to only a compact percentage of the amino acids. One of the ways growth hormone helps you to maintain and increase total muscle mass is as simple as promoting the uptake of amino acids. This ensures that muscle cells regularly receive the sustenance they need to function at the best possible level. HGH assists the body to preserve its general strength, and once combined with physical exercise, durability improve, making it beneficial for athletes.

11. Lean Muscles

Did you know that growth hormones significantly improve the effects of your workout and muscle development, thus you get lean muscles. Studies at St. Thomas Hospital in London showed that ‘there is an incredible increase in muscle tissues, where L. Cass Terry, M.D. mentioned how it ‘made a huge difference in body shape of subjects in less than 2 months.’

As you enhance your physical capability, you’re stimulating collagen synthesis inside the skeletal muscle tissue, thus mass and improving your workout consequently.

In the Worldwide Journal of Endocrinology, research on 14 healthy males at the age of 50 to 70 was randomized into two groups. Several subjects had been administered with Human growth hormone procedure with seven placebo subjects, and they were re-analyzed after six months time. After half a year, there was a substantial increase in the lower body responsiveness of the muscles by the growth hormone users. The study determined an increased lean muscle mass strength within the lower body after human growth hormone was administered.

In hormone-lacking adults, individuals who used long-term growth hormone treatment had normalization of muscle durability, increased exercising capacity, and improved thermoregulation and body contours.

12. Better Mood

I notice a great deal of good mood, and well-being when I underwent growth hormone treatment. I just feel better, I’m not as antsy and even feel ready for whatever issues arise at work, relationships and at home.

This is where better cognitive functionality and disposition comes in. I feel my mood got better after half a year of treatment. In my research, it suggests that growth hormone can be a probable medication to improve mental function and mood. It functions like an antidepressant, raising endorphin levels, ‘the brain’s own opiate’ while its lowering dopamine that often causes frustration.

13. Hair Growth

It’s common to see more men having a receding hairline, with issues such as balding and hair loss. This trend has been linked to declining human growth hormone levels.

In studies, the hormone has been known also to promote hair growth. It not only facilitates hair growth but also for the hair to look healthy and luxuriant. I’ve browsed to several forums on hair problems, and notice a considerable positive feedback from HGH users. Some even claimed new hair grow, that they’re growing in more quickly, fuller, and even returning its natural color. The hormone releaser seems to have a tonic effect on your hair.

14. Skin Radiance

Dermatological and cosmetic procedures, in many cases skin care can be an excellent treatment in sustaining a fresh appearance. But only growth hormone is claimed to help take a decade or so away from your look.

By taking growth hormones, you’ll notice your facial skin regaining its fullness and vibrant glow because it becomes more supple and hydrated. You’ll look visibly youthful, usually in a few weeks of regular use. Not only do your wrinkles vanish and deeper facial lines recede, your face experiences a change of contour.

Also, you’ll notice that your cellulite gets eliminated in your body. GH has shown that it can invigorate large pores and skin, and can even close wound injuries.

15. Enhance Libido

Bad sex performance and erectile dysfunction are typical for more aged men with low human growth hormone levels. Growth hormone might help to excite your sexual energy and drive.

It’s said that GH can assist in sexual erection and reproductive function in men. The hormone is also believed to improve infertility and enhance the effect of testosterone. It can help men with erection problems by relaxing the corpus cavernosum muscles.

As a potent aphrodisiac, Human growth hormone restores energy in sex in older individuals. Men using it report improved libido, higher pleasure as well as better ejaculation. There were also studies that say it helps ease and eliminate genital dryness.

From tests of medical professionals who use growth hormone, the changes are striking, affecting both men and even women. A testimonial by an 82-year-old HGH user, Doc John Baron, even claims on how ‘shocked he was, after his stamina and energy in sex got better. He said, now his drive is just like as he was 25.

16. Faster Healing

Several growth factors and hormones are responsible for regulating the mineral metabolic process and even healing. Management of human growth hormone can speed up the cells regeneration, which makes it a key component of body recovery. Applying growth factors such as IGF-1 is recognized to stimulate any damaged tissue.

In a review, growth hormone was systemically applied to recombinant species-specific rats by subcutaneous shots and was then compared to placebo class. As a result, the regional growth factor revealed a stronger influence on the therapeutic effect of human growth hormone. These observations stated that taking on growth hormone regularly speeds up bone fracture healing, considerably without endemic adverse effects.

Human growth hormone takes on a crucial role in the repair of wear and tear, as it expedites therapeutic healing. Researchers have noted the health effects of growth hormone in improving the healing of injuries and wounds drastically. A randomized, controlled, dual-blinded study for six months of HGH treatment or placebo in 28 healthy old men with low standard plasma IGF-1 was carried out at the College of California’s Department of Medicine, further confirmed this finding. Also, it mentioned that the older men who administered growth hormone mentioned that they have better collagen deposition along with recovery in exercise, helping them go back to their workout routine regularly.


The benefits of Human Growth Hormone as mentioned above derive from studies and personal feedback after using HGH. These effects from the use of HGH are for educational purposes only, though I hope you’ve learned of its advantages upon proper use. Always consult a doctor before using growth hormones. Yes, you’ll need their prescription and proper doses, so you get the best results, safely.

Do you have reactions, or questions in the article, just post them below.


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